It's a choice of Heart


♥ Superior Quality Made in Italy;
♥ A linear and modern design with a strong aesthetic impact;
♥ Equipped with acoustic alarm;
♥ Fast door opening, intuitive to allow easy and quick access;
♥ Designed with rounded corners, no sharp edges;
Chain of survival instructions on the front and AED signs lateral;
♥ Suitable for all AED's.
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The AED must be positioned in high visibility places in order to be quickly identified in case of cardiac arrest: its location is therefore more appropriated inside an easy to use cabinet, to save precious time in urgent situations where every second counts. Heart-shaped EmergencyFocus AED cabinets have been designed specifically for this purpose, through the transparent front part that protects and provides clear visibility of your defibrillator.
Its particular design combines functionality and aesthetics; harmonized with each Other, these two elements are able to guarantee a product capable of responding with quality to those that are the requirements of an emergency point.
The closing system allows a solid closure and opening without any problems, cabi- nets are not locked, allowing rapid defibrillator extraction.
The perfect solution for your PAD Project
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