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AED's Cabinets for AED Defibrillators

Are you sure that your defibrillator has been well preserved within an optimal temperature and ready for use in case of cardiac arrest?

As indicated in every technical manual, the defibrillator and its accessories must be kept within certain temperatures: temperature changes, or storage beyond the limits of temperature could affect the proper functioning of the defibrillator, its battery and electrodes.
Our AED cabinets are designed to protect the defibrillator from the extreme effects of the weathering, through an heating system that automatically starts if the actual inside temperature reach the preset temperature and/or with a ventilation system automatically activated by a temperature over 35° C. Our cabinets are available for all AED’s with internal adjustable shelf height and are equipped with instructions printed on the front or with a video display, customizable according to your needs. For more information...

AED's Management and Remote Control with AED PROXIMUS® (Pat. Pending)

Are you sure that your AED is ready for use in case of SCA?

The AED Proximus® Console (Patent Pending) is a compact device that transforms any AED’s cabinet (even if already installed), simply by placing it on the inside, in a AED Station remotely controlled and allows monitoring the defibrillator 24/7 without operator: its specific optical electronic sensor detects possible led indicators lights or defibrillator's failure warnings indicating damage condition and at the same time alerting EMS in case of cabinet opening and extraction of the defibrillator.
The integrated device (Patent Pending) can be equipped with a special bidirectional communication system providing real time rescue remote support and AED's GPS satellite localization.
With the support of AED Proximus® Software you can also remotely monitor your defibrillators 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, alert thousands of rescuers through an APP in case of open cabinet and/or extraction of defibrillator, plan and manage maintenance, remotely manage AED Cabinet’s functionality, manage AED’s deadlines (electrodes, battery, warranty, etc.) with a reminder function. For more information...

Rescue Totem and customized solutions

Do you need accessories or customized solutions for your PAD project? Do you want to customize your cabinet with logos or different colors to promote your company?

The defibrillator must be positioned in high visibility spots in order to be quickly identified in case of cardiac arrest: its location is therefore more appropriated inside an easy to use cabinet, to save precious time in urgent situations where every second counts.
Our cabinet provided in customized Video Screen or Totem version will easily raise public awareness, advertising the life saving initiative and appealing potential new sponsors. In fact, besides cabinet’s main function to contain, protect and give visibility to the defibrillator, including an alarm system for door opening, our product is a high communication impact tool (e.g. customization of the cabinet with illustrations for operation use in case of SCA).
Our solutions can be customized to your needs (protection cabinets, digital keypad, automated locks or PINs, diversified graphic solutions with logos, etc.). For more information...
Shapes and models subject to change without notice, depending on stock availability

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